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Welcome to THE AARON PHOTO ARCHIVE email: dhaaron[at]icloud.com

On this web page you will find photographs of various branches of the David H. Aaron extended family. These include restored photographs from the Rothschild, Sohn, Adler, and Aaron ancestors as well as recent family events and travels. Any gallery labeled with the word "Archive" means that the photographs were scanned from film-based prints. Basically, all photographs taken prior to 2005 fall into this category.

There is also a gallery called "Videos." Slowly we are digitizing the left-over VHS and 8mm cassettes before we no longer have equipment capable of playing the originals. It will take a while before everything in our "Archive" becomes available on-line.

My most ambitious ongoing photographic project is the restoration of family images, the most precious being portraits from Germany taken between the 1870s and 1939. Most of the faces "restored" are of ancestors who died long before I was born. Some perished tragically during Germany's dark era. Restoring images involves an intimate connection with one's past. There is a sense of duty in saving fading family images, but the activity is intertwined with the hope that our own faces will be remembered long into the future. My own emotional connection to these images has motivated me to take photographs of family members ever more frequently. We can never anticipate which photo will capture a meaningful moment in another's life, nor can one know which images will survive. Since beginning this project, I have received numerous inquiries from people sharing last names with individuals depicted in the various galleries. In a couple of cases, familial relations could actually be verified; in other cases, there is either no relationship or one cannot be established. What I have learned, however, is that every refugee family has a story, and descendants are often highly motivated to learn as much as possible about their ancestors. Should you find this site as part of your search for family roots, and suspect a familiar connection, please do not hesitate to email me. Other gallery categories should be self explanatory.

 For information or prints contact me vial email: dhaaron[at]icloud.com. Please feel free to take in www.dhaimages.com, where you will find my enjoyment of photography for photography's sake...and some "professional" photographic engagements. David H. Aaron ALL IMAGES ARE COPYRIGHTED © 2006-2023 aaronphotoarchive.com.